Considering the relevance of international cooperation for the exchange of information and for a deeper legal debate, the Brazilian National Council of Justice created the International Program “Global Vision of the Judiciary” (Resolution 411/2021).

The above mentioned International Program “Global Vision of the Judiciary” has the following objectives:

I – providing mutual knowledge of court activities, with a focus on sharing good practices and innovative solutions in administrative and judicial areas;

II – sharing knowledge regarding the legal reality of other countries;

III – developing lines of cooperation in judicial activity and management;

IV – establishing and strengthening networks and partnerships with organizations and institutions of the global justice system;

V – giving visibility to successful practices that contribute to the efficiency of the Brazilian Judiciary, and

VI – providing the exchange of experiences and information between the bodies of the Brazilian and international Justice Systems, as well as promoting the improvement, modernization, and efficiency of the Judiciary.

The Program is exclusively intended for foreign judges that have an interest in getting to know the bodies of the Brazilian Judiciary Power for a minimum period of 1 (one) month and who are from nations with which Brazil maintains diplomatic relations.

The activities developed under the program constitute voluntary service, under the terms of Law 9,608/1998, and do not create employment relationships, nor social security or similar labor obligations.

To find out more about the International Program “Global View of the Judiciary”, read the regulation set forth in Resolution CNJ 411/2021.